Off-the-Wall Exhibit


Friends’ members are eligible to apply for an Off-the-Wall showcase which is displayed on the east wall of the second floor lobby.

Showcases run for four weeks. We generally book 9 to 12 months out.

DECEMBER/JANUARY SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: The Member Spotlight is on artist Ron Timm. Ron's digital art will be on view through January 5. Artist reception: Friday, December 20 from 6-8pm.

Artist Statement -  After spending decades as a professional photographer capturing images in the physical world, I have become much more interested in the creative side of photography and art. This show displays some of my efforts in more creative and abstract work. Some of these images started out as photos and some came out of my mind, fingers and computer. I've broken unaccustomed ground and am fascinated with this delicious new world.  

Ron Timm Digital Art Exhibit

Contact Us

Interested members should contact Jim Clark at 952-548-6489 or by turning in the form.