Off-the-Wall Exhibit


Friends’ members are eligible to apply for an Off-the-Wall showcase which is displayed on the east wall of the second floor lobby.

Showcases run for four weeks. We generally book 9 to 12 months out.

MARCH SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: The Member Spotlight is on artist Kanika Babal. "My paintings are inspired by an attempt to bring "that" inner smile out, and so, as an artist, my attempt is to create work that calls for participation of my audience, as much as my involvement in it." On view through March 30, 2020.

OTW Kanika Babal

SPECIAL MEMBER SPOTLIGHT EXHIBITION: Featuring works by Lisa Galbraith Heyl and Patty Carmody Smith.

OTW Patty Carmody Smith and Lisa Galbraith Heyl

Contact Us

Interested members should contact Jim Clark at 952-548-6489 or by turning in the form.