Do you have a preferred list of caterers?

If you are not having a cash bar or charging admission to your event you can select a caterer of your choice, as long as they can provide a copy of their license and liability insurance. If the renting organization / individual would like to have a cash bar to serve alcohol, or to charge admission to an event, the renting organization / individual is required to hire the services of one of the Arts Center approved caterers. This caterer must provide both the food and alcohol. Please request this list if you will be serving alcohol at a cash bar.

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1. Do you have a preferred list of caterers?
2. Can food be prepared at the Hopkins Center for the Arts?
3. What rooms is food allowed in?
4. Are there any foods you prohibit?
5. Does the HCA provide linens or dishes?
6. Is there an additional fee for having food at an event?