"Link On Flute"

BLACK & WHITE and shades of grey, photography by Marnie Erpestad, Tom Hessel

Two photographers share images in black and white. Marnie Erpestad uses photography to question the ways in which communication affects human relationships, her goal being to inspire positive change in herself and others. She creates postcards on which people may write one thing that they have deeply regretted not expressing. Large-scale prints of the postcard images as well as completed postcards themselves comprise the show. Visitors to the gallery are encouraged to become participants in the show by writing their own anonymous postcards which will be added to the collection. Tom Hessel used his photography to capture something more than just a likeness of his portrait subjects, to reveal something beneath the surface about each person or their situation. The images of the show were taken over the course of two years (1970-72) as Mr. Hessel traveled around the Midwest.