Hypervisible (Invisible)

This group show contains the works of Leslie Barlow, Patience Lekien, John Matsunaga, and Amber Newman. It will be on display in the Charles D. Redepenning Gallery from January 14 through February 14, 2016.

Using a variety of disciplines, four artists will present work that is inquisitive in nature, and advocates for critical engagement in the social and racial discourses that continue to plague American society today. The artists each construct worlds where the tension between what is artificial and what is real seeks to deconstruct our current vocabulary and re-conceptualize the structures of authority, categorization, and “the norm” that are currently in place.

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 14 from 6-8pm.


Image information: Of Other Paths (Heterotopia), (oil on panel,)  by Leslie Barlow.