Morrie’s Member’s Spotlight on JW Green

March – June 2018
Hopkins Center for the Arts Member Spotlight at Morrie’s Minnetonka Subaru

JW Green
Hopkins Center for the Arts Member Artist

As I worked toward my BFA I got a night job as an illustrator.  In the Army I was a
photographer and cartographer. Later, in advertising production and graphic
design, but eventually a 50 year career in advertising and marketing management.

A few years before retirement I began to do what I wanted to do “when I grew up”.
I started “exercising” with abstract paintings and drawings based on the “doodles” I’d
been drawing in the margins of meeting notes.  I’ve slowly been moving to more
recognizable subjects from some of my old photographs and my interpretations of
other famous artist’s work.  I still view my work as “exercise” and expect it to evolve
in the coming years.

Joining the Hopkins Center for the Arts has provided the opportunity to share my
work and view the work of other artists, styles, and mediums.  HCA has inspired me
to continue my original passion to be a fine artist and hope my story will inspire
others to pursue their passion to create as well.

For purchase inquiries please contact:
Jim Clark, HCA Visual Arts Manager at 952.548.6489 or