Transformation: The Works of Susan Hensel & Janna Rhae Johnson

Opening reception for this show is Saturday, January 24 from 6-8pm.

This show showcases two different approaches to creating art from the detritus of human existence. Susan Hensel explores the nature of memory, nostalgia and longing for narrative that may never have truly existed. She finds shreds of story in attics, closets, basements and thrift shops. By sewing, gluing, dying, painting and placing these items with one another, she transforms these items into assemblages that illuminate shared human stories of longing. Janna Rhae Johnson creates sculptural jewelry that reveals the exquisiteness of a material rarely considered as such — steel.  Working with steel belted tires scavenged from roadways and discarded window screen, she transforms these materials into body adornment that challenges the very definition of jewelry, requiring a precarious interaction between object and body.