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Elevating the Everyday Mixed Media by K. Daphnae Koop & Abby Lingle

Heaven Unexpected Came Cropped

through Nov 30

In this show, common materials such as clay, wood and glass are transformed into intriguing works of art.  Abby Lingle is a potter who uses multiple surface treatments —  such as cutouts, layered carving, inlaid stamps and raised slip trailing … Continue reading

Deserted and Forsaken: Photography of the Abandoned by John Piepkorn


through Nov 30

For ten years John Piepkorn has explored abandoned farmsteads, one-room schools, ghost towns and neglected churches throughout the Dakotas and Minnesota, preserving them through his photographs. There is something hauntingly beautiful about abandoned structures, evoking a nostalgia for what may … Continue reading

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Exhibitions are free and open to the public whenever the building is open.


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