Member Artist Spotlight

Friends’ members are eligible to apply for a Member Spotlight which is displayed on the east wall of the first floor lobby.

Showcases run for four weeks. We generally book 9 to 12 months out. 


Linda Leighton

member artist, on view through August 15, 2021

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 5, 5 - 8 PM

Linda Leighton's Artist Statement:

These drawings of tools and hands represent the working class for me. I worked for hourly wages until I retired three years ago. During most of my working years I was an active union member. All the tools depicted are old and a few belonged to members of my family.  

Beyond having symbolic meaning for me, I see the old tools as beautiful functional objects with rich patinas and beautiful shapes and hands are expressive and maybe tell a little about the person. 

 Most of the drawings are done from photos I took of my old tools in the hands of people I know. 

Dufault cream  amber mainJan Dufault

HCA Member Spotlight Artist at Cream & Amber

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 5, 5 - 7 PM

Jan Dufault was a quirky, artistic farm kid who grew up near a town so tiny that it’s no longer there. Art influences and art instruction were not locally obtainable though she was known in the community for always carrying a notebook, markers, and a folder full of drawings.  

Jan is a self-taught visual artist influenced by her experiences with design principles and elements from her commercial interior design career, now working to develop her artistic voice. 

Jan’s passion is creating and exploring forms, shapes, pigments, dimension, and color, mostly in acrylic paint. 

Krause Morries 2v2

Cheryl Krause

HCA Member Spotlight Artist at Morrie's Minnetonka Subaru

"My work is non-objective/abstract, structured with lines, forms, and colors without reference to anything worldly.  It is the process, not reality, that moves me, and I enjoy getting lost in it. When addressing a blank canvas I begin by making marks with black paint.  This process frees my mind and spirit as I then respond to the marks or forms on the canvas. I continue this interplay between what I’ve done and my response by intuitively adding color. There is a point when a struggle between myself and the canvas brews. This becomes the challenge. I question the painting in front of me. Where is this going? What do I see or feel? What is the visual impact?  I continue to question as I move forward by adding or taking away colors, shapes or marks until the painting finally reveals itself."

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