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Hopkins ArtStreet is an ongoing program established in 2010 to showcase original public art in Hopkins and enrich the lives of residents and visitors by making art accessible.

2021-22 ArtStreet Sculptures

The Sculptures are on display throughout downtown Hopkins from June 2021 through May 2022, and are available for purchase. Please take a walking tour. We'll have maps and ballots available soon so that you can vote for your favorite sculpture!  

  • To inquire about purchasing or sponsoring a sculpture, please contact Jim Clark at 952-548-6489 or jclark@hopkinsmn.com. 
  • ArtStreet Sculptures are eligible to win an Adult People's Choice Award and a Children's Choice Award. After visiting the sculptures, please visit the link to vote for your favorite. Online Voting Ballot

1.CUBE/WHITE by Sunghee Min, Roseville, MN, painted steel, $10,000

SungHee Min CubeWhite 1

2. AZABACHE, SOUL, GOLD SPIRIT by Victor Yepez, Minneapolis, MN, welded steel, $3000 each

Yepez install 2

3. SONG OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN (Over the Moon) by Kyle Fokken, Minneapolis, MN, steel, stainless steel, cast bronze, $15,000

Kyle Fokken Song of the Flying Dutchman 4

4. BIRD IN FLIGHT by Judd Nelson, Wayzata, MN, hot forged steel, $7500

Judd Nelson Bird in Flight 3

5. LOW-POLY OPEN HEART (RIDE) by Matthew Duffy, Washington, DC hydro-cut welded aluminum diamondplate, tractor paint $18,000

AS2020. LowPoly Heart RIDE. Duffy

6.BUTTERFLY by Mary Angers, Long Branch, NJ, brushed aluminum & vinyl wraps, $15,000

Mary Angers Butterfly 3

7.WIND REEDS by James & Ryan Pedersen, North Mankato, MN, steel, $6295

James and Ryan Pedersen Wind Reeds 2

Thank you to the 2021-22 Hopkins ArtStreet Sponsors who make this program possible:

Bolton & Menk Friends of Hopkins Center for the Arts Fran & Herb Hesch Family 
Allen & Carrie Clark Hopkins Business & Civic Association (HBCA) Billee Kraut & Butch Johnson
Driskill's Downtown Market City of Hopkins *******************
ArtStreet Map June 2021

Public Arts in Hopkins

The following pieces are part of the permanent collection

Kyle Fokken

“Shoo-Shoe Train”
Kyle Fokken, Minneapolis, MN
Painted Steel, Copper

Fokken of Minneapolis reveals his love of antique toys in his mixed media work, but always with an idiosyncratic and modern take-his sculptures combine nostalgia with futuristic fantasy. The sculpture in Hopkins is from a series based on locomotive forms and also includes a wooden shoe, a reoccurring image in Fokken’s work that speaks to humble origins but to the idea of a mundane object that also possesses the power to sabotage. Donated in 2011 by Hopkins Business, Civic Association and Think Hopkins.

Richards D. Poey

“Like A Tree, Rooted in the Earth”
Richards D. Poey, Eden Prairie, MN

Poey, a resident of Eden Prairie, is known for both bronze and stone sculptures. This bronze sculpture depicts the “Tree Pose,” a balancing pose in yoga which focuses on concentration, clarity of thought, awareness and balance of mind and body. The sculpture portrays a human figure as growing upward like a tree from the planet earth, its arms like branches reaching for the sun. Donated in 2011 by Hopkins Historical Society.

Shoe Shoe Train public arts
Like a Tree Rooted in the Eath Public Arts

Michael F. Pilla

Michael F. Pilla, St. Paul, MN
Stained glass

This piece of stained glass can be found in the Hopkins Library.

Stained Glass window Books

Thomas Calhoun

“The Wellness Monument”
Thomas Calhoun, Taylor Falls, MN
Aluminum, cedar trim

Hopkins Health and Wellness Center

The Wellness Monument